New! Runaway MoonRunaway Moon by Carole Beers

At midnight seventeen-year-old Cora Cassidy gallops away from her abusive foster family on a modern Oregon ranch to illegally catch mustangs. She aims to be a famous writer and trainer. Though the desert is breathtaking, its way is hard. Cora learns how to survive and meets helpful strangers. But she also tangles with mustang poachers, battles a would-be rapist and faces blowback for her stubborn pride. And why does that Indian cowboy keep showing up?

When she’s injured, two crusty sisters out deer-hunting take her to recuperate at their ranch. She learns what a loving home is like—until her darkest secrets emerge. A last desert run with an unexpected ally can bring Cora prison, death…or redemption.

Runaway Moon is a well written coming-of-age story with just the right mix of danger, growing up, and finding one’s place in a world that’s often callous. Highly recommended for readers of all ages.”
—Michael Niemann, Silver Falchion Award Winning Author

“This is an author who needs to be recognized for her versatility, wit and skill.”
—Anne Schroeder, former president, Women Writing the West

“A fast-paced, witty, engaging mystery… the real fun is the characters and the setting. Saddle Tramps does a nice job of explaining the world of horse shows and evoking scenic southern Oregon…”
—William Dietrich, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times best-selling author

“Carole Beers taps into her long experience as a horsewoman for Saddle Tramps, a spirited tale.”
—Adam Woog, Seattle Times

“If you’ve ever been curious about the word of high-stakes horse shows, Saddle Tramps is the book for you. The wisecracking sleuth and owner of the Best Little Horsehouse in Oregon, Pepper Kane, tracks down the killer of the show horse Dark Vader. It’s a thoroughly modern western set in Oregon.”
—Ed Battistella, Literary Ashland

“I just finished reading it and I loved it. Clever, smart, suspenseful, it’s got everything. Pepper is a pistol.”
—Cynthia Charat, Joy Luck Book Club

“A page-turning thrill-fest.”
—Alahnna Castro, Paint Horse Journal

“Well-written, snappy dialogue draws the reader forward. The action keeps one turning pages.”
—Carol Crigger, WWA Spur Award winning-author, on Night Rides