And … Drumroll, please … We have RAIN at last! It’s a bit unsettling, of course, to learn that one may be able to influence the Power that controls such things (see my Sept. 24 post). Wonder what else we might suggest?

I’m fiddling in my saddlebags, here, for helpful, responsible ideas. Don’t want to be too selfish, of course. But, okay, how’s about my being able to read and absorb a whole book in less than an hour. Asking too much? I have so many To-Be-Read books staring up accusingly at me from the shelves and occasional tables. (An occasional table. What is it when it’s not being a table?)

Then or perhaps first I’d ask for ongoing decent health, good purpose and happiness among family, friends and myself.

Of course, also for ongoing support and success in my writing. Which I get from hubs, Rich, and dear others like you readers here. My “Saddle Tramps” mystery was named the No. 1 Bestselling Trade Paperback for September 2016 at Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Many thanks! Feeling the love. Should help power me through the next New West mystery story, novella or book.

Tucking in a request-rider, here, to those Powers-That Be: A Seahawks Super Bowl win. Looks doable from where I sit, looking out my window at the  life-sustaining rain on the Rogue Valley hills.

OK, now for the Big Ask: World peace. Yes. Hello? Oh, I know. Guess it starts right here.





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